“Bare Foot Folk is an excellent album”
     - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio2 Folk Show

"Bare Foot Folk and is full of really interesting songs, Ange Hardy takes folk tales and creates new folk songs that sound traditional around the story. This is one she's called mother willow tree, it's beautiful"
     MIKE HARDING, The Mike Harding folk Show

"I've had a good listen to the album, there's some cracking tracks on it. She seems to get folk themes going in her mind, and writes new songs that sound sometimes for all the world as though they are in fact deeply traditional"
     MIKE HARDING, The Mike Harding folk Show

“It's great, I'm gonna be playing more from Ange!”
     - Kathryn Tickell

"Simply beautiful. My 'album of the week'."
     - Emma Britton, BBC Somerset

“A collection of unfailingly listenable, self-penned acoustic songs. Amongst this charming assortment of melodies we are treated to highly catchy tunes, some nods to ancient times as well as choice references to the present day.”
     - R2 Magazine ROCK 'n' REEL.

"I cannot find fault with her songs at all, they had me gripped to my seat, hanging on to every word."
- Maverick Magazine

"This breathtaking collection of contemporary and personal folk songs can stand alongside anything by Kate Rusby or Kathryn Roberts. It has proved to be an album to which I've returned time and again."
      - Albion Magazine

"This is a gem of an album from a lady with the voice and the vocal skills to regain the truth of folk music in telling tales, opening minds and making us laugh."
     - Irish Music Magazine

"This lady and CD is one of those 'proper' folk CD's and quality folk singers, totally underrated, outrageous talent, beautiful vioce and loads of promise" 
     - The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show

"Lush. A lovely thoughtful album, all about roots and about grounding."
     - Phil Widdows, FolkCast

"If I were putting the album of the year show together today, this would be it.... watch out for Ange Hardy... she's bursting onto the scene fully formed" 
Ian Freedman, Readifolk,

"Ange’s sound itself is sweet, that is the only real word for it. Sweet as in pleasant to hear and leaves you wanting to have just one more. The album is all her work so the extra voice dubbing is a good addition as it gives her already strong voice an extra magical hold over the listeners."
Paul Rawcliffe, Bright Young Folk

“She writes some very very nice stuff, well worth a listen, another one i'd like to go and see”
     - Alan Morley, FolkRise

"Pure acoustic magic"
     - Armandaleg Music

"The melodies are unadulterated, the guitar work mouth-watering, the vocals enchanting with laid-bare harmonies. What forges the surprise is these are all self-penned songs that are at once ancient then ageless; from three hundred years ago or from yesterday." 
     - Tim Carrol, FolkWords

"I always find myself wishing I could be at a live performance of this kind of music. Ange Hardy makes you want to sit at her feet while she takes you into her confidence. Straight and pure singing with a simple effective accompaniment, Ange Hardy has a sweet soft voice and her guitar playing is just right."
     - Annemarie de Bie, The Living Tradition magazine 

"Music definitely from the soul. Beautiful."
     - Gary Hazlehurst, Stafford FM

"Ange was beautiful, lovely songs well crafted and played with a delicate precision of gentle finger picking that complimented her singing perfectly.  The songs she played could have been old traditional folk songs of England but were all written and crafted by Ange herself, sung with a warm and welcoming voice with a depth and feeling in-tune with the likes of Kate Rusby, Caroline Herring, Gillian Welch, Gretchen Peters, Kirsty McGee and Patsy Matheson" 
     - Richard Harris, The Richard Harris 'Folk and Blues Show' Somer Valley 97.5FM

"a brilliant cd, one i haven't tired of playing over and over at home and on the FOLK SHOW"
     - Terry Ferdinand, 'The Folk Show' Bishop FM 

"Her music acknowledges and showcases a range of emotions. Her voice is crisp and mesmerising yet familiar, like a warm single malt with a caramel finish"
     - Peter Taranaski, She Dances in the Mind

"An album about loss, love, search for self and belonging, it closes with the lovely Appalachian hymnal Heaven Waits, a ‘called home’ acceptance that, as she puts it, the trials of this life on earth are but a part of our eternity. Having taken time off to raise her family, she’s starting to re-establish herself on the folk circuit again, with an album like this as a calling card, she should have little problem getting bookings."
     - Mike Davies, NetRhythms 

"Absolutely gorgeous voice, brilliant album and you need to check it out."  
     - Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion

"Up there with the best of them"
     -Terry Ferdinand, BishopFM

"Sylvan-voiced Somerset folk singer who has an incredible writing talent including a great sense of humour. Her hugely varied and consistently good output has been recognised by the FATEA website recently naming Ange as female vocalist of the year 2013."

     - Roots of the World

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